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Linda Pinkul, a Real Estate Agent with Keller Williams Foothills Realty works as a Buyer's and Seller's Agent. Linda is committed to offering her clients the highest quality representation and professionalism along with superb customer service. She remains committed to personal and professional growth, always looking for new ways to excel and enhance the real estate experience for her clients.


















Comprehensive Marketing Plan

  • Full Color Brochures highlighting home features
  • Professional, Top Notch Virtual Tour
  • Large Display Advertising
  • Professional Sign, Lockbox and Brochure Box
  • Internet Advertising
  • Full-Time Marketing Director
  • Full-Time Administrative Staff
  • On-Line Gallery of Photos
  • Maximum Exposure Marketing
  • If requested Public & Broker Open Houses in locations where people will attend
  • Listing on Top Real Estate Websites   (Local, National and Internationally)
  • Showcased on top real estate website where buyers are searching
     and MORE!!!
  • Qualify Buyer
  • Assist in contract and inspection negotiation
  • Home Staging
  • Outstanding Property detail page on my personal website  
  • Professionalism
  • Availability
  • Quick Responder
  • Internet Lead Generation
  • Market to Local Realtors
  • Tour home with professional sales staff (within tour boundary)
  • Promote home at office and within realtor community
  • Frequent Marketing Reports
  • Evaluate Market every 30 days.
  • Refresh Listing
  • Marketing Stats
  • Property Views
  • Assist Appraiser
  • Assist at closing
  • Resolve Problems or Challenges
  • Social Media Exposure

As a full-service Sales Associate, I will handle the complexities of your transaction so you have peace of mind throughout the process.

Here is a look at the duties I will perform on your behalf…

Expert Guidance

• Provide a marketing strategy, a competitive market analysis and recommend an appropriate list price for the sale of your property

• Market your property to buyers and other Agents utilizing all possible, appropriate methods

• Make recommendations as to staging, potential repairs and cleaning your property, in order to make your home more attractive to buyers

• Suggest quality professionals, including attorneys, handymen, stagers and inspectors

• Guide you in making informed decisions leading to a satisfactory sale

• Present and respond to all offers in a timely manner

• Negotiate the best price and terms possible, always keeping your specific needs in mind


• Act in good faith at all times

• Obey your instructions

• Return all calls and emails promptly


• Receive and monitor all earnest money

• Receive and deliver all documents in a timely manner


• Place your interests above all others

• Keep your personal information strictly confidential


• Ensure that all parties in the transaction are fully informed about any material facts that may affect the transaction


The traditionally busy spring home buying season is rapidly approaching. Over the past year, we’ve enjoyed a strong housing market – one that featured more buyers than sellers in some communities. In fact, there just aren’t enough good listings to go around and this could be an excellent time to consider selling your property.

But even in a “seller’s market” like this, some properties sell faster than others. Have you ever wondered why one home sells almost immediately and another one down the road sits on the market for months?

There are several key reasons why some homes languish on the market, including price, condition, and other variables. My hope is that this list will help you put your best foot forward when it comes time to sell your home:

The price is too high. Setting the appropriate price for a home is always more difficult for a homeowner, who has personal feelings for the property, than for an experienced, objective agent. REALTORS® do a thorough market comparison of comparable homes and a careful evaluation of the home they’re listing in setting a competitive price that will attract buyers. If a home has been sitting on the market too long, the market may be sending a message that the price is too high for the area or the condition of the property.
There’s too much clutter. Even if a seller chooses not to use a professional stager, they need to do what all stagers do – get rid of the clutter! We all accumulate knick-knacks and mementos over the years and have a house full of family photos. But when it comes to selling a home, less is more. Sellers should put much of their personal items in storage so that buyers will be able to see the home more clearly – and see themselves living there, not the current homeowner.

The home isn’t marketed extensively enough. The days of sticking a sign in the front lawn and taking out a newspaper ad to sell a house are over. Today nine out of 10 buyers turn to the Internet to start their home search, according to the National Association of REALTORS®. If one home shows up quickly in Internet searches the chances of selling are better than a home that doesn’t have that same online exposure. Also, more buyers are using mobile devices and social media in their search. So it’s important to work with a real estate professional and brokerage that has a strong digital marketing strategy, such as Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

A picture (and video) is worth a thousand words. If a home isn’t selling, the marketing may lack enough visual elements to attract potential buyers. Buyers want to see lots of photos to get a sense of what the property actually looks like inside and out. More agents are using virtual tours and YouTube videos in their marketing as well to give consumers an even greater feel for the home. Listings that lack photos or videos may leave potential buyers wondering what the seller is trying to hide, and they may be more likely to move onto the next listing in their search.

A seller isn’t objectively weighing offers. In a seller’s market, some homeowners have a tendency to reject early offers, thinking that they may get a higher price down the road. However, this tactic can easily backfire and result in a home being on the market for several months. And experience has shown that the longer a home sits on the market, the more challenging it can be to sell without reducing the price. If sellers are receiving bids that are close to their asking price, this may actually be a sign that their asking price is accurate for their local market.

Selling your home is one of the biggest financial transactions you’ll ever make in your life. So it’s important to work with an experienced, full-service professional REALTOR® that can get the job done right. Please give me a call and I’ll be happy to talk about the ways to get the most for your home when the time is right.

Home-Selling Secrets for Real Estate’s Off-Season –

It’s been said that spring and early summer are the best times to sell your house. But while spring might be the busiest time of the year for real estate transactions, homes get bought and sold every season of the year. Here are some tips for selling your home in the off-season, according to Credit.com, posted by Aol.com.

The risk of overpricing could lead to forfeiting peak selling opportunities

• “We’ve seen the statistics. Now let’s look at what happens in the mind of a
consumer when a home is overpriced.”

• “Overpricing your home will attract fewer potential buyers and may cause it to sit on the market longer than desired. To the buyer, too much time on the market indicates an overpriced property and often is perceived as an opportunity to negotiate a price lower than the market might typically bear.”

• “Pricing your property outside of the reasonable range can also cause low level of broker activity, reduction in exposure, difficulty in obtaining financing for prospective buyers and an increased amount of time on the market.”

• “This is why it is imperative that we remain competitive in our pricing strategy.”

Evaluating the Competition
•“It is very important that you realize that price can only be determined by thoroughly and aggressively testing the market – challenging the competition for the attention of the right buyer who is ready, willing and able to make a decision now.”

• “The highest price you can hope to realize is the best price obtainable from the best buyer available in the present market. Therefore the list price needs to attract and generate activity.

Pricing Strategies
• “Pricing your home is a complex task. If the listing price is set outside of the proper parameters, potential buyers may be deterred from considering your home.”

• “The closer your home is priced to fair market value when it first comes on the market, the more likely it will sell quickly, at the highest price.”

• “I know from experience, the higher your home is priced above market value, the fewer number of available buyers.”

• “The stronger our pricing position is to start with, the better our negotiations will end up. It is common for a seller to want to leave room to negotiate. There is also a common notion that if you price a home high, you can always come down. In practice, however, just the opposite is actually our best strategy.”

Market Value Strategies
• “Statistics have shown that a home has a 95% chance of selling if it is priced at market value.”

• “In contrast, the home has just a 50% chance of selling if the home is priced at just 5% over market value. The statistics worsen as the home price continues to rise over market value.”

Selling your home in today's market and what Sellers need to do to get top dollar for their property.

 As Colorado’s housing market continues to bounce back, more and more buyers have decided they can’t wait any longer – now is the time to get back into the market to find their next home.  Here are several suggestions on how to get started and the best way to get top dollar for your home in today’s market.

Pick the best agent for the job. Selling a home is never easy, but in today’s complex real estate market it’s particularly challenging. So it’s more important than ever to find an experienced professional Realtor to help you get the job done. This is no time for amateurs. Start by interviewing several agents to see who has a proven track record of successfully marketing properties in your area. Ask them about their marketing plan, including print media, social media and online marketing via major real estate websites. Find out how well networked they and their brokerage are to other agents with potential buyers. Do they have offices beyond your city limits and even outside the state? Today’s buyers are just as likely to be relocating from across the country as they are from across town.

Go online and be visual. Remember the days of sticking a sign in the front lawn and taking out an ad in the local paper? Those days are long gone. Nearly 90 percent of buyers start their search for a home online, according to the National Association of Realtors. So you must be there in a big way to compete for the attention of buyers. Work with your agent to put up lots of high-resolution photos and as much information as possible. Make sure to show photos of all the major areas of your home and yard to give buyers as much of a sense of being there as possible. If not, buyers may wonder what you’re hiding. And strongly consider using video and virtual tours. Such marketing tools are no longer just for luxury homes.

Price your home competitively for today’s market. Just because a house comparable to yours sold for a certain price before the recession doesn’t mean you will be able to get the same price today. A lot has changed since then. And while prices are firming up, it’s still important to realize the new realities of today’s market. Talk with your Realtor to determine the appropriate, competitive listing price for your home based on current market conditions. You may even choose to have an appraisal done in advance of setting the price. Remember that in this market, homes that are priced aggressively attract the most buyers and – in some cases – multiple offers that push
your final sale price even higher.

De-clutter and de-personalize. De-personalizing and de-cluttering a home before putting it on the market can help make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living there – a crucial step in the selling process. Take down family portraits, personal collections and knickknacks. Homebuyers are looking for a home they can picture their family living in, not yours. Removing these items will also eliminate clutter and ensure that people are looking at the house itself, not at the photos from your last family vacation.

Update, freshen up. Keeping in mind that some buyers take move-in condition to be important, put your home in its best light. Possibilities include replacing outdated kitchen and bathroom fixtures, applying a fresh coat of paint and/or refinishing the kitchen cabinets. Replace worn carpet or fix broken tiles. Many cosmetic touches are surprisingly affordable but may yield much higher sale prices. The less work buyers have to do when they move in, the faster they may be willing to make an offer.

Conduct a full home inspection. If a professional home inspector determines that there are negative issues with the home, consider repairing the problems before buyers show up at your door. Potential buyers will cast an extremely critical eye over your home if it needs too many repairs – especially if they are trying to decide between your home and another one without problems. Be sure to have the home inspection report available for prospective buyers along with an itemizing all of the repairs that have been made and the associated cost for each to demonstrate the investment you’ve made in your home.

Make your home and yard picture perfect. As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. When a buyer sees your house for the first time, a positive impression can make or break the sale. You can maximize curb appeal by trimming trees, planting flowers and even rolling out a new lawn if needed. A fresh exterior coat of paint might also prove valuable. And consider having a professional “stage” your home to make it even more attractive for buyers by rearranging what you have and/or bringing in other furnishings and accessories.

Be patient and flexible. You’ve done all the right things to put your home in the best position to sell. But there will undoubtedly be bumps along the way. A buyer may have difficultly securing financing. The appraisal may come in lower than expected. The escrow period could drag on longer than you thought before the deal closes. It’s not unusual to have occasional issues pop up. After all, buying a home is the single biggest financial transaction most of us will ever make in our lives. Through it all, remember that your Realtor is there by your side. He or she will be there with you every step along the way, managing the tough issues so you don’t have to and helping you achieve all of your home selling goals in today’s market.

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

As we arise from winter, here are a few maintenance tips to prepare your home for the change in seasons. Enjoy the beautiful weather after you check these off your to-do list.
• Check the gutters to make sure they're not loose or leaking. Downspouts should be clean from debris to properly drain water away from the foundation.

• Look for any soil damage around the foundation. Spring rains can cause flooding, so fill any low areas with compacted soil.

• Firewood should be stored safely away from buildings. Inspectors typically recommend 18-24 inches off the ground and a minimum of 2 feet from the structure.

• Check the roof for damage to shingles that may require repair or replacement. Flashing around vents, skylights or other structures may be needed as well.

• Inspect concrete slabs for cracks and make sure water drains away from the foundation. Fill cracks with a concrete filler, power-wash after completely set, and apply a concrete sealer. Replace slabs if necessary.

• Test outside faucets and hoses for freeze damage. Turn the faucet on and place your thumb over the opening. If water stops flowing, a pipe inside the home is most likely damaged. Check garden hoses for dry rot and leaks.

• Inspect siding and trim for chips or leaking and repair or replace as needed. Leaving these areas open to water damage can cause bigger problems later if ignored.

• Air Conditioning units should be checked by an HVAC professional to insure proper functionality. Tune-ups can help improve operating efficiencies with clean filters, hoses, and other components.

• Seal the deck and check for loose or rusting nails, splinters or rotting wood. It is recommended that wood decks are resealed annually. Also make sure railings or stairs are stable and secure.

• Replace window screens that have holes, and make sure screens are secure on doors and window frames.

• Weatherproof windows and doors. Spring is the perfect time to apply caulk or other products to keep homes cool in the spring and warm in the winter.

• Prune shrubs and trees to ensure proper drainage and add curb appeal to your property.

• Clean and tune-up lawn and garden equipment to be sure they are ready for summer use. Sharpen cutting blades to make yard work easier.

For other maintenance tips or home improvement ideas, go to
www.hgtv.com .

If you enjoy gardening outdoors, here are a couple good resources for Colorado climates.
Denver Botanic Gardens is beautiful place to visit, while they also provide expert advice on gardening. Colorado State University provides a wealth of information about our State's climate, soils and more that may help you determine what's best in your area, particularly helpful for those new to Colorado.

Tips for Selling Your Home in the Fall
Summer is coming to an end which means the leaves will start changing, the weather will begin cooling and we'll all be spending more time inside our homes. It may also be the time of year when you begin wondering if you truly want to stay in your home. Many sellers think that fall is a bad time to put their home on the market but, as real estate experts will tell you, that's simply not the case.

Autumn is typically a popular time of year for corporations to relocate associates, which creates a pool of buyers who need to make quick decisions about housing. They'll be serious about purchasing and, with fewer houses on the market and less competition for sellers, your house may get more attention than it would any other time of year. So what can you do to make sure your home sells before all the leaves fall off the trees? Here are a few helpful tips.

•Highlight the location. Bring the benefits of your location front and center. Establish a list of perks that your property offers, such as proximity to public transportation, schools, shopping, recreation or entertainment.
•Use the season for curb appeal. Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year and by using that to your advantage, your home can stand out from others in the neighborhood. Leaves turning shades of crimson and gold can add extra appeal to the total look of your home's exterior, but they can also get out of hand. Make sure trees and shrubs are properly groomed and that fallen leaves don’t suffocate your front lawn. Add pumpkins, gourds or a fall display to your front porch to invite in potential buyers.
•Stage your home. Buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in your home before they will consider buying it. By de-cluttering, de-personalizing and thoroughly cleaning the entire house, prospective buyers will immediately imagine their furniture in the rooms and photos on the walls. Also, don't be afraid to liven up the home by bringing the outside indoors during this beautiful season. If your dining room is a sea of beige, set up a vase of twigs, leaves or acorns from your yard.
•Get everything in tip-top shape. Your buyer will most likely hire an inspector before closing, so talk to your Realtor about finding one who’ll visit your home before you put it on the market to avoid any surprises. Pay close attention to elements around the home that are important in the fall. For example, make sure gutters are cleared of fallen leaves and that fireplaces are in working order.
•Know your home. Access to real estate information on the Internet means that buyers are walking into your home more educated than ever. Take the time to review homes similar to yours on real estate websites.   Please give Linda Pinkul a call and she will also be able to keep you aware of the conditions and price ranges of other homes for sale in your area. This will allow you to better negotiate with potential buyers.
•Hire a tech savvy Realtor. We're living in an age when nearly everyone owns a cell phone and 90 percent of home buyers use the internet during their home search. Instant information and communication have become the norm in our society, so Realtors are taking advantage of today's tech tools to reach prospective buyers quickly and effectively. A tech savvy agent will work with cell phone applications, Websites, digital cameras and much more to be able to connect you with the right buyer for your home.
Despite what you may have heard, this time of year offers plenty of opportunity to sell your home. By taking a few simple steps to make sure you and your house are ready to hit the market, you can better prepare yourself for what is to come. After all, the more welcoming your home is to possible buyers, the more welcoming it will be to offers.


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